These terms and conditions pertain to the consumption of 60Day and its Content. By using this website and any information that is found herein, you give your agreement to these terms and conditions. However, if you do not accept the terms cited below, please stop using the Website. We encourage Users to review the terms and conditions cautiously as you will be bound by them every time you visit the website and read its content.

  1. Definition
      a. The terms  “us,” “we” and “our” refer to 60Day, its contributors,  employees, and agents.
      b. “Website” refers to 60 Days which has a URL of
      c. “Content” comprises, but is not limited to, image, logo, graphic, text, audio, video, layout. And the software that is shown on the website.
      d. “Writing” refers to fax, e-mail, fax, and comparable ways of communication.
      e. “You” refers to the website User
  1. Content

By using the Website, you agree that any loss or damage will not be the responsibility of the company. We do not accept responsibility for the reliability, accuracy, or completeness of any data given by Users. The Users’ opinions shown in the website do not automatically replicate our policies, opinions, and procedures.

  1. Use of the Website

60Day is the sole owner of the intellectual property rights in the website, with the exclusion of any re-posted information from public domain. Thus, we give you temporary, limited, nonexclusive, revocable access to the Website and its Content for both commercial and personal use only. However, while using the Website, you must:

a. obey with all applicable regulations,  laws, and codes;

b. not imitate another individual or use aliases, and false names;

c. not utilize framing sites, deep-link to, frame to surround the Website

d. not alter or try altering any part of the content or the website itself

e. not obtain or try to obtain unofficial entry to the website, any server, database, or computer linked to the website; and

f. not submit, transmit, post, make available, refer to, link to or from any material that is inaccurate, fraudulent, untrue or incomplete;

i. is menacing, threatening, obscene, offensive, abusive, and defamatory; creates inconvenience, annoyance; is violating any intellectual property right or in in breach of confidence; or infringes any applicable code, or law,or regulation.

ii. Encloses any harmful code or virus that may harm or disrupt the website or our computer systems and databases, and the company shall have the exclusive option as to whether a material is violating this clause.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

You agree and recognize that all trademarks, copyright, and all intellectual property right shall at all times owned by 60Day. However, you may electronically download, copy, or reproduce some parts of this website for noncommercial and personal use. Other than the purposes cited above, you may not, by any means or in any form,

a. store, adapt, reproduce, print, distribute, publish, perform or make unoriginal materials from any part of the Website; or

b. adapt, reproduce, store, distribute, print, display, perform, publish, or create derivative works from any part of this website; or

c. manage or exploit any products, information, or services gained from this website without our written consent.


Advertisements and External Links

You concede that sponsors and advertisers are two separate individuals and they are exclusively accountable for their own policy, terms, conditions, representations, and warranties in any transaction with you. Furthermore, 60Day  has links to third-party websites, and we are not accountable  in any way that these third-party websites operate. So if you choose to use any third party websites connected to 60Day, you can do so at your own risk.

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