Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you should give up being creative. Many people often make the mistake in thinking that being an adult means giving up your childhood crafting hobbies, but that is not so! Science says crafting actually makes us happy. According to an article in CNN, crafting can help ease stress, increase happiness, and protect the brain from damage caused by aging. It can also ease anxiety, relieve depression, and help chronic pain. There are so many things to do and with just a bit of imagination, anything is possible. With crafting, staying young and happy is possible. Here are some adult craft ideas that keep the kid inside you healthy and happy.

Plants symbolize life. Wherever plants grow, life can be found. That’s why a lot of people find planting or gardening to be especially fulfilling and calming. But gardening isn’t just all about appreciating the beauty of flowers or anticipating bountiful harvests, gardening also means investing lots of time and effort.