kitchen layout design

As a new couple, there are a few factors to consider when designing your own kitchen layout. First, your lifestyle—do you prefer preparing home-cooked meals or would you rather order takeaways? Second priority is the number of people living with you. Third would be how much storage you’ll need, and finally, your budget for the kitchen layout and design costs.

indoor garden

Gardening is a relaxing and useful hobby. It has a number of benefits which includes growing your own food and botanical medicine sources and having natural décors to beautify your home. But not everybody has the space for an outdoor garden. Luckily, anyone who wants to give gardening a hand but don’t have space can now try it through indoor gardening.

diy crafts

Are you looking for a fun and creative school activity? Spill forth your students’ creative juices through crafting these DIY (do-it-yourself crafts) projects. Whether it’s a partner or individual activity, you can try these perfect DIY crafts, perfect for your students. You don’t have to spend much or need expensive materials to get these craft ideas done. These crafts are worth the try; adorable and easy to make.

modern design 1

There is a common belief that stylish homes follow popular trends, but true contemporary interior designs focus on order, simplicity, and functionality. Sleek architectural lines, monochromatic walls, and minimal textures are the foundation of today’s modern interior design. Spaces are further jazzed up using clever lighting, good furniture placement, and symmetry.

he holiday season is upon us, and parents and kids alike are scrambling to look for costume and craft ideas to wear and display. The simplest and easiest solution is paper mache. Properly spelled as papier-mâché, it is French for chewed paper. Made from pulped paper and bound with an adhesive, such as starch, glue, or wallpaper paste, paper mache is a favorite crafting project for kids as the possibilities are endless. Originally used as masks in Ancient Egypt, this simple yet diverse craft has been around for a very long time and is now used for sculptures, puppets, lamps, bowls, and costumes.


Home is where the hearts is. A home is a personal haven, a place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and comfort. Considering how important homes are and how much time people spend in them, it’s only natural to keep them in good shape. That’s why people are willing to spend a lot of time, money, and energy to keep it clean and fresh.

vegetable pots

How to make the most out of every little space in the balcony? With little innovation, it is possible to turn this overlooked space into a place of entertainment, relaxation, and play. Check out these small apartment balcony ideas that will transform any intimate space into a cozy nook.