Modern Small Kitchen Layout Design Ideas for the New Couple

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Popular Small Kitchen Layout Ideas


As a new couple, there are a few factors to consider when designing your own kitchen layout. First, your lifestyle—do you prefer preparing home-cooked meals or would you rather order takeaways? Second priority is the number of people living with you. Third would be how much storage you’ll need, and finally, your budget for the kitchen layout and design costs.

If a family-centered kitchen is on top of your priority, you may want to consider getting a kitchen layout with island. Islands are a great way to provide a place for chatting with your family and friends while the food is cooking. However, if you are downsizing into a smaller house or apartment, choosing a kitchen layout would include all kinds of space-minimizing hacks and tricks. That means choosing smaller appliances to save space, building open shelves for extra storage, and adding mirrors to create space.

Regardless of your kitchen design, it all goes down to its functionality and the ability to meet your lifestyle. Before you get started on your project, check out these five most practical kitchen layout designs of all time:

One-Wall Kitchen

If you’re a couple living in a micro-apartment under 300 square feet, one-wall kitchen is your most ideal option.

one wall kitchen

A one-wall kitchen layout uses a single wall to house countertops, cabinets, and appliances. When considering a one-wall kitchen, think about functionality. How are you going to move around, wash the dishes, and lift a pot from one place to another without tripping on your foot?  For instance, it makes complete sense to put the sink next to the dishwasher for easy loading.


Open Kitchen

Open kitchen might be the most people-friendly layout plan out there. It is an open-floor plan that allows freedom of movement and smooth traffic. This kitchen layout relies heavily on furniture to divide rooms without the use of walls. For instance, a living room with a couch facing away from the kitchen is perceived as a separate room. However, the color palette of the two separate rooms doesn’t necessarily have to be different. In fact, it is recommended to remain consistent with color accents. If the living room has black and white accents, you might choose black and white chairs for the kitchen.

open kitchen


U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Also known as a C-shaped kitchen, this kitchen style has adjoining walls made up mostly of cabinets, cupboards, and appliances. U-shaped kitchens provide plenty of storage and work area. They are generally a safer choice compared to other kitchen styles. The only downside of this kitchen layout is its expenses. U-shaped kitchens are more costly than others because they need more countertop material and cabinetry for additional storage.


L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

Can’t decide between an open kitchen and a one-wall kitchen? Go for an L-shaped kitchen layout. This kitchen style is composed of a couple of adjacent and perpendicular walls that maximizes the use of odd corners and wasted spaces. For those who are into entertainment, this kitchen style is excellent for socializing during family dinners while chopping and cooking food.

l shaped kitchen layout


Galley Style

A galley kitchen layout planner is a go-to design for those who live in space-challenged houses. This design is characterized with two parallel countertops and has a narrow walking area in between. A galley style kitchen may look small so it is important to choose your furniture and colors well. Make the kitchen appear airy by using light colors for your paint, white countertops, good lighting, and glass front cabinets.

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