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Must-Try Modern Interior Design Ideas for a Lovely Home


There is a common belief that stylish homes follow popular trends, but true contemporary interior designs focus on order, simplicity, and functionality. Sleek architectural lines, monochromatic walls, and minimal textures are the foundation of today’s modern interior design. Spaces are further jazzed up using clever lighting, good furniture placement, and symmetry.

Modern home designs are a love-it or leave-it affair. It is about tossing a few textures here and there and trying to fit the puzzles together using furniture and style. How to turn an outdated place into something chic and fashionable? Here are some pro tips:

Less is more.

There has always been a tendency to fill empty spaces with rugs, trinkets, and other ornaments in the hopes of making homes feel more welcoming. But in recent years, minimalism has become the go-to interior design inspiration for many designers. Minimalism is about achieving a better design through simplicity. Fittings and furniture are used as art objects to keep the space wide and clean.Check out some interior design blogs online and you will be surprised to see uncluttered and serene homes but not cold and sterile.

Mix and match textiles.

To create interest, combine different textures and decoration and at the same time, make sure your patterns complement each other.Layer a leather couch with wool, silk, or with linen pillows to keep the interior design style engaging and exciting. If you think there is too much pattern going on, throw in some solids.

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Add a pop of color.

Most people associate colors with every emotion they embody.Blue – sea
Red – fire
Yellow – sun
Green and brown – trees and nature

Use these associations in determining what type of emotional impression you want your room to give. Would you like your interior home decoration to be soothing and serene? Choose white and blue. If you prefer it to be lively, throw in some yellows and reds.

Paint your walls white.

White walls are not a new thing in the world of interior home decoration. Think of world-famous architectures like Taj Mahal in India, Solomon R. Guggenheim in New York, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. They are all painted white!Several reasons:

  • White is classic and elegant.
  • White walls leave room for creativity.
  • A bare white wall is perfect for displaying arts.
  • It makes the space look bigger than it actually is.
  • Works well all year-round, may it be summer or winter.

Hang a wall mirror.

Mirrors add depth and light. They have the unique ability to brighten up the whole room. Mirrors, whether big or small, become the focal point of any room. It is a versatile object that can be placed on any part of the house: entryway, dining hall, the wash room, and absolutely anywhere! Place a large candle, artificial lighting, or some fresh flowers beside the mirror, and you have yourself a totally breath-taking interior.

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