10 Unique Home Exteriors to Inspire You

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Various Home Exterior Types for Every Home Improvement Enthusiast


Home is where the hearts is. A home is a personal haven, a place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and comfort. Considering how important homes are and how much time people spend in them, it’s only natural to keep them in good shape. That’s why people are willing to spend a lot of time, money, and energy to keep it clean and fresh.

However, there comes a time when things get old and dull. When the dullness begins to permeate the walls of your home, there’s only one solution to that: home improvement.

If you’re looking for a bigger and more dramatic change, revamping your house exterior is perfect for you. Your house front in the first sight that welcomes you upon arriving home. It’s your pride and joy as a homeowner. So it makes perfect sense to have a presentable and beautiful exterior design. If your house exterior has become boring and you’re more than ready for a change, get inspired by these ten unique house exterior designs to begin your home improvement project:

Picturesque White Brick and Marble Home

picturesque white

A tasteful blend of brick and marble, this two-story home is the perfect backdrop for family pictures and gatherings. The smattering of trees and neatly-trimmed bushes add an idyllic touch to this home’s overall dreamy feel.

Blue Wooden Panels with Asphalt Shingles

asphalt shingles

The gray shingles wonderfully compliment the solid blue of the paneled walls, giving the house exterior a relaxing color scheme. The front porch edged with white railings is an ideal spot for morning coffee with pancakes or quiet afternoons while reading a good book.  

Mix of Shades of Purple and Brown

purple and brown

This blend of thistle, dark mahogany, and white creates an unassuming home exterior, though the unique roof design more than makes up for its supposed modesty. The simple yet unique house exterior exudes a tranquil atmosphere perfect for birthing ideas for artistic or literary masterpieces.

Floral Paradise

floral paradise

With a sunny yellow exterior coupled with lovely flowering trees, this home looks like spring itself. The middle-front balcony supported by tall white pillars is the perfect setting for greeting the morning with a smile. The warm house colors and quirky windows give off a welcoming vibe to homeowners and guests alike.

Verandas with a Twist

verandas with a twist

Secure and solid, this blue cadet-painted home conveys a feeling of safety and privacy. The uniquely designed verandas secured by white railings with oval openings for windows are just the spot to bask in the sun and breathe in some fresh air.

Magical Victorian Home

magical victorian home

This home looks like a setting for a movie about magic, mythical creatures, and all around enchantment. The unexpectedly fitting mix of yellow and brown gives an out-of-this world feel to this captivating home, not to mention the ornate finials and the intricate wind vane.

Life-Size Doll House

life size doll house

Delicately beautiful are the words that come to mind when looking at this home. The off-white wall paint and pure white intricately carved railings and roof edgings make the turquoise windows pop out. The light gray roof completes the overall doll house appearance of this home.

Red Hot and Homey

red hot and homey

Red is not the usual choice for home exterior color, but this little home proves that red is indeed a good choice. Not only is it attention-grabbing, it’s also tastefully embellished with aqua-outlined windows and white-painted pillars and foundations. The ornate design and color combination give this home a truly homey vibe.

Lively Yellow

lively yellow

Simplicity and elegance meet in this architectural beauty. The brightness of the yellow paneled walls gives perkiness to the elegant design. This home looks like a place for a lively family, laughing together, sharing inside jokes, playing board games, and bonding together.

Two-Story Classic Beauty

two story classic beauty

The surprising combination of red brick-colored and medium turquoise walls lends this beauty a unique feel of classic and contemporary. The wide balcony and generously tall lower-floor windows add luxury to the otherwise simple design. This home radiates an aura of sophistication without being snobbish.

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