Consider These Furniture Arrangement Points to Create a Cozy Home

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These factors will give your new house the most comfortable ambiance it needs.


You just moved in to your new house. And seeing the empty rooms made you feel so excited but at the same time worried. How to arrange my living room furniture? Will my sofa fit? Is the space enough?


Here’s a little help to make your new abode as comfy as possible:

Make a plan first

Furniture layout provides an overview of your desired arrangement. Before you move things around, make a quick plan, whether a virtual furniture arrangement or a simple sketch. Here’s an online room-design tool called Planner5D that lets you do the interior designing yourself. This saves more time and energy whenever you are ready to shove your furniture around soon after.

Decide on the focal point

The focal point serves as the centerpiece of your room. When you set up your furniture, make sure you find the focus point that complements the rest of the room. It is usually the fireplace, unique artwork, or a view that emphasizes the mood of your room. Through creating a central element, this immediately draws the eyes of your visitors that give a compelling interior appearance.


Apply form

Furnishing shapes can also affect the visual appeal of the room. You can choose multi-purpose furniture that accommodates both function and form. If you have small spaces, you can buy a table that can be converted into a chair or a shelf unit. Or much better, you can just select from your owned furniture, but don’t put two large items together to avoid a dissymmetrical space. In furniture setup, large rooms need larger furniture, and small rooms need smaller furniture.

Apply function

Identify the purpose of the room to know what furniture you need. And remember to put the largest furniture first. Then determine the function of the furniture before arranging. If it’s for the living room, allow a suitable ambience for conversation. Minimize individual chairs; instead, use couches. Think first before buying items. Though you can add room beautifications, don’t drown your home with paintings and artwork, unless you’re planning for an art exhibit.

Give space for walkways

When arranging furniture, remember to give space for the walkways so you can smoothly move around. In furniture placement, move your furnishings away from the wall without blocking the travel path to make it look spacious. You also need additional space when you have to pull out a chair from the dining table and another space to open your cabinet doors. Establish a walkway flow that doesn’t block the entry or interrupt the clearance for other furniture—2 to 4 feet is usually the ideal estimated space in main pathways.

Add what you love to see

Add some personal touch in your room. Hang a large piece of art in an empty wall or place a unique piece of artwork to set as a focal point. Organize your things and place them where you want them to be. You also need to consider the color of the walls because they can set the mood of the room by complementing the furniture and room lighting.


Whether you are aiming for a stylish or stress-free home, don’t hesitate to bend some rules here. Be inventive and creative. And don’t forget to relax afterwards because, as we all say, there’s no place like home.

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