Make Your Bedroom Appear Bigger with These Small Bedroom Ideas

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Small Bedroom Decorating: The Do’s and Don’ts

Are you living in a small studio apartment that needs redecorating? Designing small spaces can be hard and frustrating; however, you can pop a few tricks to create an illusion of a wider space. Here are several room design ideas that you can incorporate in your next bedroom makeover sesh:

Small Bedroom


  1. Keep it Light

Light colors create an airy and light feeling in the room. It makes the whole place seem ventilated, spacious, and roomy, whereas dark colors, such as black, royal blue, and dark brown do the opposite. Try an all-white palette for your bedroom wall design and pick furniture that is in cream, beige, or off-white.

  1. Floating Nightstand

Say yes to contemporary small bedroom décor like a hanging nightstand. In fact, you can make your own hanging nightstand by browsing through the numerous tutorials found on the web. The downside of buying a traditional nightstand is that they tend to be bulky, and take too much space in the room.

  1. Mirror

Mirrors are a staple when designing a small room. They have this unique power of turning any room look twice as big. Another trick is to choose a wardrobe that doubles as a mirror.

  1. Bed Drawers

The key to decorating small bedrooms is to make sure that every space is put into use. Utilize the space underneath your bed by getting a bed drawer where you can store your shoes, clothes, toiletries, etc. Some bed drawers come with the bed frames, but you can always purchase a pre-built platform with drawers and place your mattress on top of it.

  1. Shelves

In connection to number four, you have to utilize every nook and space you can find inside the room. One idea for a simple bedroom design for small spaces is putting up shelves on your bare wall. These shelves will act as your extra storage for your books, frames, perfumes, and cute decors.

small bedroom décor

  1. Horizontal lines

Slim people are often advised to opt for clothes with horizontal lines as these lines will create an illusion of a wider frame. The same philosophy applies to small bedroom layout. This bedroom décor style visually tricks the eye into thinking that the bedroom is spacious than it actually is. You can create horizontal lines using wood planking, wallpaper, shelves, or paint.

Having a small place to work with doesn’t have to be boring and suffocating. Look at the brighter side of things, and see that this limited space gives you the chance to explore the endless opportunities to be as imaginative as you can. Hope that the tips and tricks above has sparked your creativity and turned your space into a more liveable room.


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