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Decorating a house may take a toll on your energy, and not to mention, can create a hole in your pocket. But you do not have to do a major renovating project to give your home a new, modern look. A splash of paint there, a colorful wallpaper here, and a little imagination could make a huge transformation. For a fresh look on your home, read our top DIY decorating ideas.

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These crafty and fun home ideas will transform your home into your dream haven.

  1. Tabletop twigscape

Make a crafty living room décor using the branches and twigs from your backyard. Plant each twig in a porcelain vase with colorful pebbles, then place them in a row on a piece of redwood.

  1. Wallpaper

Unexpected pop of colors and texture is the key to giving your home a personality. A wallpaper, for example, is a common décor design that is usually used to breathe life into boring walls. Get stylish by pasting the wallpapers, not on the walls, but on top the ceiling, and along the closed riser of the stairs.

  1. Carved candles

Placing carved candles on the dining table, dresser, and in the bathroom may be the easiest  home decorating idea there is. The glow of the candle adds romance, and warmth to any part of the house. Simply purchase candles of any size from the local store. Using a small carving tool, and some paint, you can create your very own customized carved candles. Wrap a ribbon around these candles, or simply place them on top of a modish candle holder, and voila—your home just got cozier!

  1. Update Your Lampshades

Give your room a contemporary feel by  switching your outdated lampshade for a simple drum-shaped one. The latter creates a modern vibe, and is a whole lot easier to clean. You can also experiment with the shades of the lamp by choosing a gray lampshade over a standard white one.

  1. Paint only half the wall

Not only will this design idea help you save energy, but it also minimizes the cost of the paint itself. The gray-and-white combination is perfect for this do-it-yourself idea, creating a super chic, yet subtle statement. Just simply coat the walls with paint from the middle, down to the bottom.

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  1. Intimate Space

Open floor plans may be trendy right now, but some places need to be a bit private. You can solve this dilemma by hanging curtains to close off a room.

  1. Say no to matchy furnitures

Matchy-matchy sofas and pillows have become the mainstream these days. The downside of this home design is that excessive color coordinating may be a bit too much. So mix up some throw pillows, of different color and texture, in the group. For your small-scale striped sofa, complement it with pillows with floral patterns.

  1. Mason jar bathroom display

Stuff clean glass jars with monochromatic items like swabs, cotton balls, soaps and sponges.  These jars will serve as an immaculate vignette that create a calming, and minimalist feel. Leave a space in between the jars for scented candles, or aromatic bathroom perfumes. Light the scented candles, and inhale the enticing aroma.

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