How to Create Your Dream Garden: Flower Garden Designs for Beginners


Flower gardens are sometimes the forefront of our home, giving vibrance and color, pleasing to the eyes. Gardens are often the first impression of the kind of family living in that house. However, pleasing as it seems, decorative gardens are a laborious task. There are several factors to consider before deciding to create a garden, but its beauty depends on the owner’s preference. Here are some useful garden ideas and tips to create your desired flower garden.

Flower Garden

  1. Decide for the location. Where do you need to plant? Is the area suitable for planting a flower? Will it receive enough sunlight? Plan first on where to place your dream garden. When starting a garden, pay attention to the soil and the specific flowers’ needs. Avoid planting your flowers in an area where rain will likely to pour down heavily. Draw a sketch to visualize your desired and preferable landscape to indicate the appropriate area for your plants’ growth. Imagine what your garden will look like if others viewed it.


  1. Start trimming and cleaning. Prepare the soil and start digging on your flower bed. Remove unwanted weeds or grass that may compete on your plant’s nutrients. Also remove rocks when digging to maximize the space and then start putting soil fertilizers. Start edging the boundary between your lawn and flower bed to envision the width of your garden. Form curves and outlines in your boundaries to form an aesthetic appearance.


  1. Know your flowers. If you love big flowers, then sunflowers are better. But if you hate watering, then Eschscholzia (Californian Poppy) colorful annual flowers are perfect for you. Knowing the types of flowers in your garden gives you an advantage for maintenance and beautification purposes. Annual flowers only live for one season, while common perennials live for approximately three or more seasons. Some flowers only grow shorter and others grow taller. Through acknowledging the plant’s form, shape, and color, you can now design and arrange your garden with ease.


  1. Arrange and Design in patterns. Too much type of color or too much color can ruin your garden’s beauty. Try planting in clumps if the flower garden plants are more attractive when grouped together. Learn the texture of foliage and play with the colors and light to form a harmonious view. Symmetry, like in art, is the key for beauty.


  1. Create a Focal Point. The focal point in a garden is the center of attraction that every viewer would first laid their eyes on. It’s an indirect allure to appreciate the view of the garden. Put a centerpiece, like artistic statues, architectural plants, urn, or an exquisite orchid to entice viewers as they explore through the garden.

exquisite orchids

  1. Aftercare. Once you have organized and decorated your garden at its finest form, maintain the beauty and growth afterward. Prune or cut old stems and blooms to preserve its beauty. Since gardening is an ever changing art form, redesign and re-create creative changes to make it your dream flower garden. Lastly, relax and enjoy your own beautiful creation of growing flowers.


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