Horticulturist’s Kit: Top 13 Must-Have Garden Tools and Their Uses

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You wake up as the sun’s rays pass through your window. As you roll up the curtains, you see the beauty of your neighbor’s garden and say to yourself, “How did they do that?”

A beautiful garden is your own mini-paradise. If you want to carve out your own, make sure you have the necessary garden tools that would help turn your lawn into a Garden of Eden.


A rake is used to loosen and scratch hard-packed soil then prep and level the ground before seeding. For removing dead leaves and grass from your lawn, use the spring-tined rake.


A pitchfork is used for lifting, pitching, or throwing loose materials, such as leaves, hay, and straws.

Garden tools

A spade is used for digging, loosening, and turning over the soil. It is also used for breaking and removing lumps in the soil.

 Edging Spade

An edging spade is used to shape a flowerbed, slice turf neatly, cut roots, or scrape soil. This garden equipment separates plants from walkways and refrains grass from spreading into the garden.


A shovel is used for digging, lifting, tossing, or moving heavy loads of soil. You use this planting tool to plant anything larger than your fist.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is an essential tool when weeding and planting young plants and bulbs (e.g. onions). Trowels are used for digging, smoothing the soil, and transferring small plants.

 Hori-Hori Knife

A hori-hori knife is used for weeding, cutting roots, removing and transferring plants, and splitting perennial plants.


A hoe is used for clearing or removing weeds, shaping the soil (hilling, digging a drill, and shallow trench), and harvesting the crops.                                                                


Pruning Shear and Pruning Saw

Pruners are used for cutting jobs. The pruning shear is for deadheading flowers and trimming long grasses, small hedges, pliable stems, and small woody twigs. The pruning saw, on the other hand, is for severing or thinning the branches of trees and shrubs.


A lopper—a larger version of pruning she is used for cutting branches and suckers that are too thick.

Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is a mobile machine used for trimming grass.


A wheelbarrow is used for hauling soil, compost, and firewood easily. You can also use this for transporting other tools or when you tow heavy loads around the yard.

Garden Tools for Watering

Not all plants are watered the same. For example, seedlings and small indoor plants only need a little of bit of water in order to grow, which is why it’s better to water them with a sprayer. Garden hose and watering can are among the other garden hand tools for watering.

Gardening can be challenging and excruciating since it requires a lot of effort and resources. With these garden tools, you can create a garden with velvety green grass and fresh, sweet-scented flowers all throughout the seasons in your yard.


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