Lovely Ideas for Balcony Gardening

vegetable pots

Balcony Container Gardening Tips for Beginners


How to make the most out of every little space in the balcony?

With little innovation, it is possible to turn this overlooked space into a place of entertainment, relaxation, and play. Check out these small apartment balcony ideas that will transform any intimate space into a cozy nook.

Vegetables in pots

Potted vegetable garden is perfect for those who like harvesting fresh produce from their mini garden. Vegetables need at least six hours of sun exposure every day, so make sure that your balcony gets as much sun as possible. When pot gardening, you also have to think about how sturdy your balcony is. Choose bigger but lightweight pots for your veggies because small pots dry out faster and need more watering. Remember that once the container is filled with plant and soil, it is going to weigh heavier.

Hanging gutter planters

Gutter planters are the way to go when getting the most out of your pocket garden. What can you plant in a four-inch pot? Lettuce, spinach, chives, garlic, and strawberries are just several examples.

This balcony garden design doesn’t only save space but it is also highly-functional because you can move it around based on how the sun moves across the space on every season. To create your own hanging gutter planters, head to your nearest hardware store and pick up these supplies:

  • aluminum gutters
  • steel cables
  • end caps
  • special hanging screws
  • compost
  • potting soil
  • a small tube of glue

vertical gardens

Vertical gardens

Pick several clay pots that are of the same sizes then arrange them one above each other with the use of threaded steel and fasteners. Plants that blossom at varying times should be placed on top of one another. Another balcony gardening idea is to use vertical racks. You can use your old shelf, a vertical pallet planter, or stacked planters to hold your small cactus and potted herbs.

vertical garden

Pick the right furniture

Choose furniture that is both practical and attractive. Folding chairs and wrought iron tables are the best choices for balcony gardens as they are great space-savers. If you are into extravagance, set up wooden pallet chair, throw on a few bright pillows, and lay a Persian rug on the floor.

Light it up

A well-lit balcony garden can be a refreshing haven during warm nights. Since small balconies don’t necessarily need powerful lighting, an eco-friendly LED lights is the way to go to add interest to your space. For a more subtle and energy-saving option, light up some candles. They are a great way to bring a warm touch to the otherwise cold and sometimes chilly garden.

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