Organic Gardening for Beginners: Starting from the Basics

organic gardeing for beginners

In a world where food production is mostly for profit, many people are suffering from the ill effects of the chemicals used to enhance the growing of vegetables. Living a vegetarian lifestyle is all well and good, but despite that, many people are still suffering from many diseases.

Is the food I am eating clean?

Pesticides can be harmful to people, animals, and the environment because they are made to kill and harm living organisms. The effects of having this poisonous residue on the food can cause ADD in children, affect the nervous system causing stomach pain and other digestion issues, a weakened immune system, and cancer. Thus, it is not enough to eat vegetables to be healthy, but one has to know the source of food, which more often than not, are mass grown on an industrial farm and sprayed liberally with pesticides.

Why we need Organic Gardening

This is where organic farming and gardening comes in and saves the day. There are many benefits to growing your own food. Aside from the ethical and environmental considerations, there is an absolute pleasure in knowing that what you are eating was carefully tended to fruition with your own hands. It makes each single bite fulfilling and magical, and growing your own food makes you more conscious of wasting precious edible resources.

So if you have decided to hop on the bandwagon of a wholesome, ethical, and truly healthy lifestyle, organic gardening is for you. Although not everyone is born with a green thumb, some vegetables are hard to mess up. All you need really is diligence, patience, and follow through.

What is Organic Gardening?

In a nutshell, it is going back to basics. The future has brought with it cost cutting methods that deviate and corrupt what made food good and wholesome. Unlike the practices of industrialized farms, this alternative agricultural system relies on natural sources of fertilizers such as compost and manure, and emphasizes on using methods that has minimal impact on the environment. It is a movement that advocates sustainability, self-sufficiency, health, and food safety and security.

Gardening for Beginners—The Basics 

Before starting any endeavor, one must have the correct organic gardening tools to use.

There are a few things you need to get you on your way, so you must arm yourself with a few gardening supplies.

organic gardening tools

All Good Things Come From the Earth

Good soil is a must for organic farming. If you have a previously bare garden, start by mixing your gardening plot with compost, leaf and grass clippings, and if possible, manure from animals that don’t eat meat. Above all, proper lawn care for your organic garden is a must.

Choosing quality organic seeds for your garden is also an important part. It’s always better to grow plants that are native to your environment, so check out your local farmer’s market for both seeds and soil. Help is always freely given, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice and tips.



There are many websites that are dedicated to organic gardening. Tools of the trade, garden ideas, tricks, and tips abound to help you on your way to doing your part in saving the environment and putting wholesome food on your table. So research, read, reduce, and recycle. And remember, every little bit helps! So start your organic garden today and pretty soon, you’ll be helping other people with theirs.

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