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Historical influences have always been present through art. Its shape, style, and structure change through the ages. One form of art that has transformed over time is tapestry.

Tapestry art is a form of woven art that tells stories about certain events or people. It started during the Hellenistic times in 3rd century B.C. and flourished across Europe during the Middle Ages.

tapestry art

From the history of tapestries to tapestry weaving, the uses and designs of tapestry art have evolved. It went from looking primitive but functional, to detailed but only decorative. One famous medieval tapestry is called The Apocalypse Tapestry, created between 1377 and 1382. It is the woven presentation of the story of the apocalypse from the Book of Revelations by Saint John the Divine.

history of tapestries

There are famous tapestries from history in almost every civilization. The ancient Egyptians and Incas used tapestries as burial shrouds, while the Greek and Roman used wall tapestry for their buildings and temples like the Parthenon. The Asians had their own little ideas. Instead of shrouds and wall décors, the Chinese and Japanese tapestry opted for the less-bulky option: garments and gift wraps.

If you’ve got time now, bring out your weaving loom and tapestry kits, and try these common tapestry art ideas.

Using an Embroidery Hoop

You can always make eye-catching tapestries using something as handy as an embroidery hoop. Who says you can’t?


Using Boxes

Are boxes taking up too much space at home? Instead of having them just lying around, why not use them as base structures to make your tapestry bags? Now you can make use of them in an entertaining way. Instead of a loom, you can use your boxes to hold your warp and then you can cover the whole surface with tapestry. If you want to add some symmetry into your art, you can always go for geometric shapes to create an even bigger and better picture.


For stress relief, or for a little money-making, tapestry art is still what it is. This craft might make you cry, but hey, it might be worth the try.

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