Creative Arts and Crafts Projects: Easy Handicraft Ideas Worth Doing

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No need for expensive accessories and toys; just huddle up your kids and start making easy and adorable crafts. Explore your creativity while enjoying. Keep yourself, or the kids, busy with these too-cute-to-handle projects. Choose from this list and start creating your own arts and crafts at home.


  1. Stuffed Sock Toy. Got a pair or a single sock you’ve never worn? Let’s turn them into fluffy buddies. They are perfect for kids who want something to cuddle at bed. Gather your fuzzy or colorful socks and create irresistible creatures, like owl, sheep, octopus, and even iconic cute characters that you wish to hug at night.
  1. Bead Crafts. Set a fashion trend through jewelry-bead stitching. You can make bead necklaces, beaded bracelets, earrings, and other artsy bead accessories, just to name a few.
  1. Photo Scrapbook. Keep all your cherished memories in a single lively scrapbook. Crop some of your photos and customize designs or theme to your own liking. Leave some blank spaces to write some random thoughts on your scrap page.
  1. String Art. You only need three things: strings, nails, and a canvas. You can create your own simple craft of masterpiece! Form a unique pattern or template, and hammer the nails along the lines of the design. Tie the string from nail to nail and add different colors of strings. You can design your walls with colored string letters, or form a heart-shape colored string as desired.
  1. Rock Craft. Beach pebbles can be turned into adorable monsters or animals! Art with rocks is a kid-friendly and stress reliever activity to spend your time. Glue the rocks together, attaching small stones for feet or head figures before coloring them. You can use acrylic paints, colored chalks, or crayons to decorate the stone. Create something different, like inspirational stones, monster stones, door stopper, and a lot more you can think of.
  1. Paper Bag Animal Puppets. Put on a whimsical show. This is a homemade paper craft that guarantees you enjoyment and cuteness overload. Glue some goggly eyes on the bottom portion of your paper bag creature. Design the head and body according to the animal you love to see.
  1. Papier-Mâché. Let your messy hands and artsy mind do the work. Pile up some newspaper or brown Kraft paper. Find a molded figure, and prepare the glue. Patch up several layers of stripped paper to form any cool creatures. Create a papier mâché handcrafted dragon, a festive mask, little penguins, and more. Here’s our little secret: use white flour and water for stronger adhesive.


  1. Paper folding is a great children’s craft activity to spend some time with them. From simple craft to intricate forms and designs, kids and adults will surely love it. Explore different figures and models you want to create. You just have to follow the steps through videos or photos, and see your work of art come to life.

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