Nifty Crafts for Kids to Unleash Their Creative Spirit

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crafts for kids

Ten Creative Craft Ideas for Kids to Do at Home

Kids love to explore the world and learn new things. If they’re left to idle for long, they may grow bored and get into mischief. That’s why, to keep them happy, you have to keep them occupied. Kids are especially fond of creating new things. Get them busy by preparing some fun crafts for kids.

crafts for kids

Most kids are a bundle of creativity and energy waiting to be unleashed. They love to go to new places, discover things, come up with stories, and invent all sorts of stuff all in the name of fun. Kids love to have fun, especially when they get to express their creativity and let their imagination run wild. Arts and crafts perfectly combine fun, creativity, and imagination together. On the next school holiday, keep your kids busy with these nifty craft ideas:



Also known as the art of paper folding, origami is popularly associated with Japanese. With only pieces of colorful square papers, your kids can enjoy making fun shapes of flowers, animals, and more. Though it can be an easy paper craft for kids to make, its difficulty level can increase depending on the pattern.

Friendship bracelet

friendship bracelet

Making friendship bracelets don’t need much when it comes to materials. You only have to prepare colorful balls of yarn and teach your kid an easy weaving pattern. Once they’re proficient enough, your kids can even teach their friends and make matching friendship bracelets together.



Sock puppets are more complicated than the previous crafts, but they can be endlessly enjoyable to create. Plus, there are plenty of ways to have fun with sock puppets. Just prepare some old socks, googly eye, some yarn, pieces of cloth, and fabric glue. And let your kid’s imagination run wild.

Paper Mache

paper mache

From complicated shapes to simple ones, there are literally countless things you can make with paper mache. You and your kids can make funny masks, animal models, and just about anything under the sun. You just need a lot of recycled paper, white glue, a base shape, and paint to create lifelike or abstract shapes.

Arts and Crafts Tools Divider

arts and crafts tools divider

Make use of old carton boxes and empty tissue rolls by making an arts and crafts tools divider. Kids can express their artistic side by decorating the carton with stickers, paint, or drawings. Once it’s finished, they can use the divider to neatly put away their tools.

Gift Wrapping

gift wrapping

Take some gift-wrapping paper, old magazines, or other colorful papers, and demonstrate the basics of gift wrapping to your kids. Later, you can let them explore creative ways to wrap gifts. Just have in hand a lot of sticky tapes, ribbons, and vibrant papers.

Greeting Cards

greeting cards

Greeting cards are the best Christmas or holiday crafts for kids. They don’t cost a lot to make, and they perfectly convey the sincerity of the maker to the card’s recipient.

Tie Dye Shirt

tie dye shirt

Design vibrant tie-dyed shirt with a white shirt and different colors of fabric dye. Tie dying can get messy, but the results are always worth it. You can wear a matching tie-dyed shirt with your kids, the next time you go out together.

Clothing Design

clothing design

The clothing industry is one of the biggest contributors of waste products in the world. Help out the environment by reusing or recycling old clothes. Get some colorful fabric glues, clothing stickers, and fabric paints or markers, and have fun spicing up old clothes with your kids.

Wind chime

wind chime

Another great craft idea for kids is making a personalized wind chime. This craft project is a great way for you and your kids to bond. You can pick up materials at a craft store near you together and get creative with choosing the baubles to put on your wind chime.

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