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Check out these awesome DIY Projects you can do in class.


Are you looking for a fun and creative school activity?

Spill forth your students’ creative juices through crafting these DIY (do-it-yourself crafts) projects. Whether it’s a partner or individual activity, you can try these perfect DIY crafts, perfect for your students. You don’t have to spend much or need expensive materials to get these craft ideas done. These crafts are worth the try; adorable and easy to make.

Superhero Mason Jar Banks

Save pennies like a real money savior.

Materials needed:

Regular mouth cart jars
Precision knife
Self-healing cutting mat
Duct tape (Yellow and Red)
Spray paint (Blue and Black)


  1. Spray paint the mason jar, all of its parts—including the caps and jar rings. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Sketch your desired superhero emblem on the duct tape (Superman, Batman, or Wonder woman). You can print these emblems on the internet. Cut out the image you printed, and trace.
  3. Use the knife to cut out the shapes.
  4. Once the jar is already dry, put the superhero emblem at the center of the jar.

Colorful Yarn Balls

Decorate your classroom with these adorable yarn balls.

yarn balls
Image Source: Flickr. Melissa Bube

Materials needed:

1/2 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup hot water
mixing bowl
Cooking spray


  1. Blow up the balloons to your desired sizes and tie each balloon together.
  2. Hang the balloons using strings. You can also knot and hang a string between two chairs.
  3. Spray the balloons with a cooking spray.
  4. Mix the cornstarch with hot water, and add a bottle of glue. Mix thoroughly.
  5. Using your fingers, dip the yarn into the mixture and squeeze the residue gently. (You need to wear rubber gloves when doing this.)
  6. Wrap the balloon with the yarn (any color you like). Wrap starting at the knot-end of your balloon. Wrap it in all directions.
  7. After you completely wrapped the balloon, cut the string.
  8. Let it dry for twenty-four hours. Make sure the yarn is absolutely dry and firm.
  9. Lastly, pop the balloon, and remove it.

Autumn Leaf Candle Holder

Give smoothing light, beautiful for classroom décor.

Materials needed:

Fall maple leaves (artificial or real)
Mason jar
Mod podge
Rubbing alcohol


  1. Use the rubbing alcohol to wipe clean the inside and outside of the jar.
  2. Dip your brush in the mod podge and brush it gently on the jar.
  3. Place the leaf and paint. Make sure the leaf sticks to the jar including its edges. Press the leaves for a few times to stick it fully.
  4. Arrange the leaves, covering the jar all around it outside.
  5. Let it dry for a few hours. You can tie a ribbon on the top of the jar if you like. Then put the candle inside the jar.

Animal Key Holders

Hook your keys and any school accessories in an artistic way.

Materials needed:

Wooden plaque
Super glue
Gold spray paint
Gray spray paint
Plastic animal tool (animals with antlers, horns, or extended arms)


  1. Spray paint the plastic toy and wooden plaque.
  2. Make sure your wooden plaque balances the weight of your animal toy.
  3. Apply superglue to the feet of the animal. Then place it to the plaque—hold it for 30 seconds while the glue sticks well.
  4. Place accessories on your new holder.

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