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Fun, Basic Origami Instructions Ideal for Both Kids and Adults



The art of paper folding, or origami, has been here for a long time. It has thrived across generations and cultures. What started in Japan is now adapted and acknowledged all over the world. Transforming a simple flat sheet of paper into a figure is a sophisticated art that delights different kinds of people.

Origami involves various folding techniques. It requires patience and meticulous skills. These skills, however, can be developed through practice and perseverance. And to master the art, one must begin with its simplest form. Here are easy origami steps for eager beginners.



The swan is among the prettiest and easiest origami designs.

  1. Get an origami paper, preferably white. If you don’t have origami paper, any paper in the shape of a square will do.
  2. Fold it in half, diagonally. Crease well and then open the folds.
  3. Create a kite shape by taking the two edges across from the center crease and folding them to that crease. Turn your paper over.
  4. Make a thinner kite by taking the sides of your kite shape and folding them into the middle crease again.
  5. Without turning the paper over, take the bottom point of the kite (the thinnest part) and fold it up to the top point of your kite shape, with the thin point along the middle crease.
  6. Take the tip of the thin point and fold down a small portion of the point down, the portion should look like a tiny triangle.
  7. Fold the crease in half with the design side on top.
  8. While holding the base of the triangle tightly, pull up the thin point of the triangle to a desired height. It could be straight up, or at a sharp angle.
  9. Pull the little part to form a beak. And there you have it, a beautiful swan!



These little fishes are perfect for children and can be made into different colors. Ideas also run wild for this origami since kids can decorate their fishes according to how they want it. The instructions are also very simple.

  • Fold the upper left corner of origami paper to the lower right corner and then unfold.
  • Fold the upper right corner to the lower left corner and then unfold.
  • Fold the top half back, and then unfold.
  • Pop the center by poking it with your finger.
  • Bring in the left and right sides so the paper forms into a triangle.
  • Rotate the triangle to your left and fold the bottom corner up a little above the center.
  • Fold the top flap over the bottom one.
  • Turn it over and decorate!



Flower origamis are among the most popular designs. The tulip is one of the easiest origamis that are perfect for kids and beginners.

  • Fold your paper diagonally to make a triangle.
  • Bring the bottom right corner up and to the right of the center point.
  • Do the same thing for the left corner.
  • Flip the paper over. Create a more rounded tulip shape by folding the side and bottom points a bit.
  • Flip it back and you’re done!

Origami is perfect for teaching procedural skills. Its step-by-step nature results in well-crafted figures that are amplified by design and colors. It is a perfect bonding activity for parents and children, and an excellent creative activity for everyone.

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