13 Kitchen Hacks You Need to Know Right Now

Cooking Hacks

As newly minted adults, are you ready to be your own homemaker? In this economy, eating out at restaurants on a daily basis is a luxury. Besides, creating and consuming something handmade is more satisfying than takeout. Here are some kitchen hacks for your first foray into the world of cooking.

1. Meal prep pro tip: Assign different cutting boards for meat and vegetables to avoid cross contamination.

2. DIY kitchens call for resourcefulness. Think dental floss only belongs between teeth? Get it unscented and slice through cakes and cheese in a mess-free, precise way.

3. If you’ve got extra fresh herbs, freeze them in olive oil until they’re ready for use. Tucked inside the refrigerator, this kitchen storage idea will give you much-needed counter space.

4. For lovers of avocado toast, this is a very millennial food hack: Lemon juice prevents browning. It
works for sliced apples too! Your packed lunch should be as photogenic as it is nutritious and delicious.

5. Wrap the stalk of a banana with plastic to prolong the window of freshness. On the flip side, put green bananas inside a paper bag if you want to accelerate their ripening. Trapping or releasing ethylene gas is what causes these changes.

6. Do your fingers smell so garlicky they could ward off vampires? Rub them through stainless steel. The sulfuric compounds in garlic bind to its ions.

7. These kitchen hacks can be useful to those with busy lives or low attention spans. When boiling pasta, rest a wooden spoon over the pot’s rim so the water doesn’t overflow.

8. Want fast meals on weeknights? Expand your culinary vocabulary with these cooking hacks: the one-skillet dish and make-ahead stew.

9. Due to the pesticides in corporate farms and staff handling of the produce, supermarket-bought fruits and veggies aren’t salad-ready straight away. Kitchen tip: Soak them in a baking soda warm water solution for a deep cleanse.

10. Speaking of sanitation, every list of kitchen organization ideas should warn against the dangers of the kitchen sponge—it’s got more germs than your toilet seat! Disinfect your sponge in the microwave and replace every two
weeks. For more Keep Your Kitchen tidy ideas, look no further than CLAYGO or Clean As You Go.

11. For all the convenience of nonstick pans, they are quite delicate! Always use wooden or plastic spatulas. Otherwise, the Teflon coating will chip and get scraped.

12. Don’t listen to those infomercials peddling expensive specialist kitchen appliances! The stuff you already own can work double-duty! Why have a mandoline eat up small kitchen storage when the humble vegetable peeler can also slice root crops?

13. For kitchen arrangement ideas, think outside the box with vertical spice storage and hanging fruit trays. As for cabinet organization ideas that involve some carpentry, try pullout drawers and floating racks. Organizing kitchen shelves can enhance your cooking and eating experience.


Whether you’re living alone or raising a family, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Let these kitchen hacks take your cooking to the next level.

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