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The Best Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Pre-School Kids


Feeding children has always been a tough job not only for mothers but also for teachers.

Pre-school kids are always full of energy and curious about everything around them. All this energy cannot be sustained if they are not fed properly. However, this is also the time they learn how to choose which food to eat, and most of these foods include chips, candies, chocolates, and other sweets that are basically unhealthy for them.

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Growing children need all the right nutrients in their meals, especially during breakfast. We are all well aware that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your first meal of the day kick-starts the metabolism and other brain processes. For this reason, mothers should have ideas on which breakfast food is healthy for their children.

We have gathered the easiest breakfast recipes from around the web. These recipes are simple, and will surely be loved by your children.


Fruitful Breakfast!

These recipes have fruits as main ingredients. Breakfast with fruits is practical and quick to prepare. You just need a variety of fruits, some yogurt or milk, other extra crunches, and voila! You have an absolutely flavorsome breakfast.


Tasty Oats

Oatmeal is a necessity. It is healthy, easy to prepare, and good for everyone. Oatmeal is high in fiber that helps in jumpstarting your kids’ metabolism and readies him for a fun-filled day. These oatmeal recipes are simple and made more colorful by adding fruits, spreads, and other healthy ingredients that will indulge your children even more.


Bread is Better

Bread is another breakfast favorite for most people. It is also rich in fiber and carbohydrates that gives your child ample energy for the day. These recipes are so quick and easy to prepare, that on busy days you no longer have to worry about what to make for breakfast.


Breakfast Eggs!

Eggs are rich in protein and are good cholesterol. It is a main ingredient to bread, cakes, and other baked goods, but is also another breakfast favorite. Break free from the normal sunny side up, poached, and scrambled egg, and try these more quick and interesting ways in preparing egg.


Veggies in the Morning

Vegetables are God’s gift to health and wellness. Parents should really encourage their children to eat vegetables. It is good for morning, noon, and night. Vegetables are equipped with vitamins and minerals, and they can be made more appetizing for breakfast with these recipes.


Daylight Smoothies

Healthy smoothies are children’s favorite! Breakfast is made even better by these thirst-quenching smoothie recipes.


Healthy kids are bright kids. Healthy, bright, and happy kids make parents happy. Make sure your child is his best when he explores and learn about the world every day. Practice healthy eating while they’re young. A healthy lifestyle is what they really need and deserve.

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